About Us

Witness Theatre is run by director designer collaboration Ellen Carr and Kelli Des Jarlais. This combination infuses our projects with striking aesthetics and a highly visceral quality. We are based in Brighton, and work with a range of collaborators on each project.

We make powerful and provocative work about contemporary issues: raising questions and sparking debate. A Witness Theatre audience doesn’t sit passively in the dark; they experience something that changes the way they look at the world, and provokes them to question it. Our productions challenge the notion that people and their actions can be easily categorised as black or white. Trying to make sense and examine the seeming chaos of contemporary life. We’re interested in the taboo, the marginalised, the unspoken and the ignored. Our stages are a space for revealing these stories and encouraging debate, questioning and change. Witness Theatre aims to empower audiences to engage with important questions as active witnesses, rather than observing from the periphery.